Re-organizing my storage

Just finished putting my new storage together! So now I am filling it with all my goodies! I'm loving it so far. And yeah, someone asked me why I have not been uploading any new videos. Well, our internet doesn't work so I'm on my phone (kindof) and it is really slow. That's why. I have a bunch (three) videos recorded but I can't upload them.. And for your information, my iPhone screen broke the other day :(

In the process of building

Today I went to IKEA again. I'm such an IKEA craze, haha. Well, today I bought my new makeup storage. I bought the compartment, but I might have to go back and buy some dividers and miniboxes to fit in my MALM! It's the narrow one I showed you yesterday!

Thinking about fixing some new storage

I went to IKEA today because my makeup storage is growing too small. I can't fit one more lipstick, mascara, lipgloss, foundation, or skincare product.
I am interested in getting either MALM (wide), MALM (narrow), or BESTÅ. What do you think? How do you store your makeup? Can you show me (in a video or on your blog)? =)

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