.. cviklund.blogg.se :D
På spel finns en MAC palett. Om ni inte har tittat in hennes blogg innan, gå och gör det!

Just recorded 3 videos..

.. and now they don't work to upload! AAAAAHH! Since I recently got some requests I thought I would record them. So I did, but now, it simply doesn't work! I will keep on trying.
Love y'all.

Thinking of ordering..

.. the viva glam gaga lipstick + lipglass. You know the pink one? Before it runs out.. since they stop selling it in the end of February. And yes, I found it. Normally, KICKS has separate "folders" for viva glam and things like that but now it was mixed up. That was why I couldn't find it.
So what do you think?
Yay or ney?


What happend to Viva Glam Gaga, the lipstick? I soooo wanted it! And now it is gone? If aaaanyone has this, please contact me on fannilomandermakeup@hotmail.com.
Please. How long have I been gone? I thought it was yesterday when I was on the mac website looking at it. Can anyone give me an update on this?

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