Hello guys.. just realized I have not updated for almost a month. Okay, so here is/are the deal/deals(?)
  1. Our internet is not working, so I have to "share" my internet connection from my phone, quite complicated. My phone's internet connection is really slow. I have videos recorded but YouTube's estimated time for uploading one of them is around 3000 minutes.
  2. I have been sick, and then I mean really sick. I was probably down for two weeks in total. I'm still not good, i still have a runny nose and an aching throat but I think the worst part is that I am not eating correctly. I have probably lost a lot of weight. During one day, I probably eat as much as one meal would have been for me three weeks ago.
  3. I have had a break. A break for me is time to relax. Well, you see, I have been at "Vårdcentralen" (a medical care centre) because I get to little sleep. So basically what they told me is that I have some kind of insomnia. So I thought my break would be a time for me to rest. But my sickness was going on during my break, which made me sleep even less.
I hope you are not too mad at me. I promise you that when we get our internet fixed I will have loads of funny things for you guys! :)

Posted by: Evelina

Krya sötnos! <3

2011-03-03 @ 18:28:38
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